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All Six Issues + Axiom Man #1 Bundle


Includes all of the following issues:

Paradox Girl #01: A Day in the Life of a Paradox
Just another day in the life of our favourite walking affront to causality. Will she be able to keep her other selves in line, stop the giant monster destroying the city, and - most challenging of all - eat breakfast?

Paradox Girl #02: Paradox Girl vs A Wolverine
Paradox Girl from a grim, dark future brings a terrible warning, and PG faces her most dangerous foe yet! (Insomnia.)

Paradox Girl #03: Chekhov's Gun's Paradox
Time travel, reverse narrative and confused metaphors? Paradox Girl has to defuse a tense situation she may have (did) cause herself!

Paradox Girl #04: Time Wounds All Heals
This issue takes on a different tone, as Paradox Girl makes a friend, is confronted by loss, and learns that some things shouldn't be changed.

Paradox Girl #05: The Paradox Who Loved Me
A spy thriller aboard a train hurtling through the Russian night, carrying a ticking bomb. Can PG outwit the evil mastermind (herself), defeat the henchmen (also herself) and win the girl (also also herself)?

Paradox Girl #06: The House of MMMMMMMMMM
Paradox Girl discovers a secret, legendary Waffo-themed restaurant hidden in the darkest depths of the 1980s! Deprived of her powers, she must learn how to solve problems with only her wits (oh dear).

Axiom Man #01: Maxidrone Override
Paradox Girl's red, white and blue partner in his first solo adventure! What does he do when he isn't keeping PG out of trouble? What's inside the C.R.A.Z.Y.? Who is Maxidrone Override?

Paradox Girl, 24 pages, full colour, no ads.
Axiom Man. 22 pages, full colour, no ads.